Talismans, amulets, charms have always been part of my life for the simple fact that I once was a child… and they are part of the childhood of humanity… They were a way to explain the world when there was no other way to do so… a way to ward off fear and dangers, something that gave comfort…

According to some, such objects are things that are carried around, that have a meaning to their owner, things you’d feel lost without… So in a way we still have those (and that fascinates me)… Your cell phone, your i-pod, your favorite handbag or jacket, even your favorite bra could be seen as talismans…

I think it’s the meaning and intention you put in an object that make this object special, even if it has been mass produced…

What I also like about these objects, it’s their soul, their history… lately I’m more and more aware of this… the things I handle have been in others hands before reaching mine… who were those people, what kind of lives did they live? And the bone, and the leather, they were part of a living being…

And those clothes I wear, somebody made them… who are they?  What was on their minds when they made them? What kind of soul did they put in those garments?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Well then, I’m only about a year late…but I’m so happy to see your new blog and feel your sharing. The “Monster” is just amazing! I think you should make a little journal of the responses people have when they see you wearing it.

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